The new IT girl: Olivia Culpo

Have you heard of Olivia Culpo? If you haven't then you are about to fall in love because depressingly she is perfection. I never thought I could fall in love with another Olivia after Olivia Palermo but this Olivia is almost sickeningly goddess-like. Wikipedia labels her as an actress, model and Miss USA 2012 but really she is just famous because we all want to be her and here is why...

Because this is what she looks like with no make up and her eyebrows are so on fleek it hurts!

Because this what her breakfasts look like.

Because she still looks classy with her knickers on show.

Because her hair is perfect, look at those hairline highlights.

Because this is how she naps.

Because she travels in dungarees and looks so fricking cute!

Because this is her wardrobe and it has real life tiaras in it with that dress and those shoes.

Because she reads Chanel to her teddy bear! 

Because she has the world's cutest half up do and she those gladiator sandals look so perfect she could have been born in them.

Because her hobbies include flower arranging and she has perfect little polaroids of her and her pals.

Because speaking of pals, her posse includes the likes of Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid.

Because she looks great in anything, particularly leaning against walls.

Because she gives back to the community!

Because she creatively plays with her food and it looks delicious. 

Not convinced? This is what she looks like in a bikini.

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