Weekend Home Sense Haul

This weekend was an incredibly special weekend. This weekend marked my first ever visit to HomeSense. I went with my boyfriend to get ideas for his new flat but I soon realised that HomeSense is a lot more than just cheap interiors! For those who don't know, HomeSense is the sister company to TK Maxx. Imagine Anthropologie, then imagine Home Bargains, then imagine they had a baby and you have HomeSense.

Homesense gives you that feeling of picking up a pair of oven gloves in the exact colour of your kitchen and turning them over to find they are only £2.50 at Home Bargains, combined with the little rush that you get when you stumble across beautifully hand-painted Indian coasters in Anthropologie and are forced to watch slightly more of your paycheck disappear as you enter your pin than you would have liked. It really is the best of both worlds.

The entire store is laid out like a little journey through an eclectically designed house by sections of what you would find in certain rooms. The entrance is made up of little glass squares, each filled with happily discounted treasures.

As you begin your journey, you chance upon hand-stitched Moroccan stools, little lanterns and glasses that come labelled as handmade in India, Scandi-style mirrors and vases of silk flowers.

You  wade through the mix of furniture and paw over the dozens of rugs...

My exploration on the first floor culminated among shelves and shelves of scented candles, beautiful books and, best of all, the stationery and arts and crafts.

And a party section that could have been straight out of one of Lauren Conrad's chic blush pink and gold glitter celebrations. 


With a basket loaded with candles, an Italian lifestyle book, other trinkets and a very unhappy boyfriend trailing behind me I trotted off upstairs...

Upstairs I was met with a health food and European deli food collection boasting fresh Italian pasta and French soupe de poissons, It was even complete with a tea corner (who doesn't love herbal teas?)

Delving further into the nooks of upstairs I stumbled across a selection of sherbet yellow mini Le Creuset pots. Think individual bubbling potatoes dauphinoise or miniature thatched apple pies at your next and most impressive dinner parties! 

The plates and bowls came in a mismatched collection of blues that could rival Anthropoligie's bowls that I am always lusting after.

Tupperware, cake decorating goodies fit for Mary Berry and even bobbles...

Finally my journey came to an end (mostly due to my boyfriend's complaints) in what I can only describe as the being inside someone's bathroom cupboard section, where items ranged from hairbands to rubber ducks and everything in between. I bought some 'celebrity favourite tan' from James Read and a konjac sponge. Both these little extravagances made easy purchases due to the slashed price tags.

I would definitely recommend bringing one of these along to carry your bags and hurry you along.

There is nothing better than laying out all your beautiful finds when you get home. Mine included:

- A little box for my jewellery, keepsakes and those loose bits that never seem to have a home in my room
- A tupperware lunch box with a separate pot for my salad dressings or dips
- Calming blend of tea from the English Tea Shop
- An avocado and mint luxe scented candle which says 'hello beautiful' and 'you are my inspiration' inked in gold foil
- A little DIY set to make things such as labels and gift wrapping
- Dark chocolate covered cashews
- A ginger and sea salt 3-wick soy candle
- An Italian coffee table book with recipes and interior inspiration
- A konjac sponge to use with my face wash
- Raw chocolate with Goji berries
- James Read body tan 

All for under £60. James Read tan alone is usually around £35! 

So if I were you, I would pop along to your nearest HomeSense as quickly as you possibly can. Here you will find all the information on your local store: http://www.homesense.com/find-a-store

Also, a little blog update- I am now going to be posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings! Who doesn't need a weekend break?

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