"Spring" ing into Action!

I have always been labelled a ‘creative’ person. It is how my parents refer to me and the label that I was given at school by my teachers when I was ignoring lessons on Pythagoras' theorem and doodling intricate flower vines up the squared pages. This may seem like a blessing; however I have always struggled to make any use out of it. This is probably because, as my mum reminds me, I abandon every ‘creative project’ I attempt at around the two week mark. Over the years this has ranged from a handmade card company (age 12), 20 pages of my first novel (age 17), an entire portfolio for an events planning business (age 8), to taking cupcake orders from home (age 20). After much research and discussion with friends and colleagues, I think that this seems to be a problem that many people have.
Naturally, when I told my parents about the start of this blog at first they said, ‘that’s nice’ and little more on the matter. I guess I cannot blame them after my half-hearted attempt at a number of careers! However, this time I have decided to see this endeavour as more of an anchor for my creativity. I hope for it to become a space to collect my many ideas and interests. I have already invested more money and time in this and so I (and my mum) have great hopes this time.

I know that I am not alone in my ‘scatty’ nature of messy creativity and so I will be sharing my tactics of honing in on creativity that I learn as I go along. So, if you are the type of person who has fleeting moments of brilliance combined with ridiculous ideas or who has a desk that looks like some sort of nuclear disaster has hit, but knows exactly where everything is, then congratulations on your gift and this is for you!
And- what better time is there for the new start of something than Spring? As a Spring baby myself, it tends to be my favourite time of year, particularly in terms of my birthday but also I love the fashion, the food and the milder weather (maybe not the latter in London)! Spring is the perfect opportunity to combine your Winter and Summer wardrobes- I love mixing things like fur and leather with their polar opposites such as florals and cotton or linen. I also love the food trends for Spring and will soon be posting my as standard Spring dinner party menu, featuring sea bass, strawberries-shortcake kebabs and fail-proof bread rolls (not eaten together). To introduce the theme of this blog, I wanted to share the things that are inspiring me this Spring. Please do visit my about me page to get to know me a little better and I hope that whoever reads this enjoys following along with the start of my little creative journey!


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