3 places to go in London that you've not yet heard of

Pictured: Petersham Nurseries

Just to clarify, the fact that they all begin with the letter P was completely unintentional, but a cool coincidence nonetheless! 

I once read somewhere that London is the perfect mix between New York and Paris. I am not sure if I 100% agree with that romanticised statement but the thing with all of those three cities is that you have to really delve into the internet to get the best out of them, and even then your stumbled-upon artsy coffee shop is probably filled with photographing tourists. Scouring the internet can really be a full-time job so I have done that for you, and present to you three new P-places that you should visit now.

1. POP Bakery

The craze for cake pops may have died down a little bit but I mean who can really say that they don't find the idea of a beautifully iced cake on a stick appealing? At the pop bakery (who by the way bespokely designed cake pops for Vogue), you can sit in with a large cup of tea and paint your own cake pops for just £15. They also stock beautiful party props and stationery by local London designers.

The Pop Bakery
348 Kilburn Lane
W9 3EF
London, UK

2. Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries is an internationally acclaimed garden centre. They house a beautiful little gift shop where you can source antiques and a glasshouse restaurant serving seasonal Italian food and homemade cakes. They also host regular unique events, upcoming ones include growing and arranging your own wedding bouquet, a Thai cookery course, a wild food walk and a 'magical evening'.

Petersham Nurseries
Church Lane (signed posted 'St Peter's Church')
Off Petersham Road
Richmond, Surrey, TW10 7AB
020 8940 5230

3. Pidgin

I am pretty sure I am one of the most indecisive people you will ever meet when it comes to food. My problem is there is nothing I won't eat. I am the least fussy eater you will ever meet and despite being every one of my friend's mother's favourite children to have over for dinner when I was younger, I am now the bane of my boyfriend's life when it comes to going out for dinner. London has brought me and you (if you are like me) the perfect solution. Pidgin does not give you a choice, instead it provides you with an unchangeable (except for dietary requirements) four-course menu. The food is modern and fresh, as are is the simple grey industrial interior. For only £35, you get more than value for your money and the accompanying weekly-changing drinks menu is reasonable too. This week's menu includes: bone marrow with chickpea, sourdough and pickled sea aster, kataifi (sweet Greek pastry) with fermented honey, anise ice cream, beetroot and sorrel and a spicy black pepper and grapefruit G&T. 

52 Wilton Way
E8 1BG
020 7254 8311


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