The Weekly Happy Edit

1. Russian backed Syrian forces recapture Palmyra from ISIS and host a concert

The Kremlin’s favourite conductor, Valery Gergiev, has performed a triumphal concert in the theatre of Palmyra in Syria, following the complex’s recapture in March by Russia-backed Syrian forces. He said “We protest against barbarians who destroyed wonderful monuments of world culture. "We protest against the execution of people here on this great stage.”

2. Amazing genetic find for breast cancer

Scientists say they now have a near-perfect picture of the genetic events that cause breast cancer.
The study, published in Nature, has been described as a "milestone" moment that could help unlock new ways of treating and preventing the disease."It is a step closer to personalised health care for cancer."

3. Krispy Kreme is opening a hole in the wall which dispenses Nutella doughnuts

Krispy Kreme are now doing Nutella doughnuts. No idea why this didn’t happen sooner. They are the perfect bedfellows. Anyway, in even more exciting news, to launch the new limited edition flavour, Krispy Kreme is opening up a magical hole in the wall which will dispense doughnuts to hungry customers day and night.

4. Bored businessman makes hilarious hotel requests

A travelling businessman amuses himself by making diva-like requests while he is away for work - and incredibly staff cater to his bizarre whims. Jnut731 posted a series of images capturing his funny stunts on Imgur, writing: 'Ridiculous and hilarious hotel requests, fulfilled. One way my friend entertains himself while travelling on business.' These include asking staff for a fortress made of pillows and to draw a picture of him from their imagination.

5. Peaky Blinders is back

Peaky Blinders is back and even better on our screens. Are Tommy Shelby's cheekbones the new Cara's eyebrows? On every Thursday 9pm on BBC Two. If you haven't seen it, get started on Netflix this second!

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