Inside a blogger's handbag

1. The bag

I love good leather bags and I am praying that the bucket bag sticks around forever or that Mansur Gavriel have something equally delicious up their sleeves!

2. Caffeine

In any form- seriously I mean it! But the Starbucks bottles are so easy to carry around.

3. Diary, notebook and a pen

For when moments of inspiration hit and for post planning! Failing to plan is planning to fail...

4. A good camera

For the pictures of course.

5. Bronzer

There is nothing more unflattering than a camera flash, so anything I can do to ease the pasty and the shine, I will. Guerlain is my favourite brand.

6. Iphone with charging case

My case is a Mophie, I am always on it where it be jotting a post down, texting friends or on the Daily Mail app you can never have enough charge.

7. Small perfume

Currently obsessed with a mix of Molecule 01 and Byreddo Gypsy Water. Currently my most expensive habit but the blend of the clever way Molecule works with pheromones and the woody sweetness of Gyspy Water keeps me happy.

8. Snacks

These don't always tend to be super healthy if I am really honest as I have such a sweet tooth. These Larabars though are truly amazing, they each have no more than four ingredients and actually taste like cookie dough, they also come in flavours like cashew cookie and peanut butter and jelly.

9. Sunnies

For the paparazzi.... ehem. Well, more for when I look rubbish and I am dodging people I know.

10. Lipbalm

I am not mad about wearing colour on my lips so Carmex more than does the job for me, I love the tingly feeling. 

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