My dirty little coffee

I have a dirty little secret and I'm willing to share it with you but you have to swear to secrecy!

Well... Do you? 

Okay, here goes. I spike my coffee and it's filthily indulgent and I think that you should be doing it too. 

So start making it (I use a Nespresso machine). If you don't have a machine then heat up your milk in the microwave and froth it with a fork as you pour it over your coffee.

Are you ready?

Scoop a large heaped gooey teaspoon of Nutella into your mug and give it a good stirr. Watch your velvety chocolate goo swirl into  an abyss of milky coffee until it disappears. Ciao bella you have one hazelnut mocha.

Now off you go to curl up and enjoy and don't tell a soul! 

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