4 ways to wake up beautiful

1. Night Mask

Night creams are definitely not exclusively for older women (or women for that matter) and if you haven't been using one already then that should be your next purchase. A night mask is the new form of a rich and hydrating moisturiser which means your skin is working up a glow whilst you sleep. Make sure you thoroughly remove your make up first!

2. Healthy Dinner

There is nothing worse than that feeling when you wake up the next day after stuffing your little face the night before. You wake up feeling sick, puffed up and bloated. Having a healthy but not neccessarily small dinner is the perfect way to wake up feeling flat stomached and ready for breakfast. I recommend fish, greens and sweet potato or brown pasta with chicken and vegetable as my two favourites! I also love a jacket new potato with cottage cheese and salad or butter and cheddar for the cottage cheese haters. New potatoes are also lower GI so leave you feel less heavy and you can have several or get large meaty ones. If you love a treat after nosh on some dark chocolate and strawberries with a mint tea or I love Lindt sea salt dark chocolate.

3. There's an app for that

Here’s how it works :

1. Create a sleep mix by selecting sounds and music that you like.
2. Slip naturally into a relaxed state or a deep sleep...!
3. Awake, feel refreshed and happier
4. Do it again, anytime!

Plus they also have a range of articles and yoga poses that are good for inducing a peaceful nights sleep.

4. Silk Pillowcases

There are so many benefits to this and it calls itself 'beautifying' and 'anti-ageing'. It is meant to be cleaner and kinder to your skin, help your hair stay in tact which is great for preserving blowdrys. But if the best thing it does for me is make sure that I am not waking up with huge red creases down my face then I'll be happy. Use slip for an easy slip-on pillow case from home to your boyfriend's to a business trip. 

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