How to dress your wrists for summer

In case you haven’t noticed, rose-gold is everywhere at the moment and I predict will continue to be all Summer long. When all you’re wearing is a long tee and your skimpy Kiini with wild hair, dressing is all about your how your dress your body in rose-golden drippings.

These ‘Ocean Droplets’ by TADA AND TOY make the perfect finish to glisten in the sun.

Larsson and Jennings watches are waterproof up to 50m and add some sparkle to a browned wrist.

The etsy store Blushes and Gold make beautiful customisable and stackable bracelets to dress your wrist in. Mix with any friendship or Brazilian wish bracelets picked up on your travels for an added boho luxe look.

So ladies add a neutral nail colour and frost yourselves! (If you didn’t get that reference, we’re no longer friends).

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