The Easy summer Slip ons for work

I have to say I normally get exhausted during a working week but the heavy heat of Summer and the longing to go outside only makes things worse. Keeping fashionable for work every day is difficult at the best of times but matching up tops with culottes and all the involved accessories seems unmanageable to me even the night before. Walking through Banana Republic the other day I saw enough one-piece items to keep me going all Summer (and I found the perfect pair of shoes that matches them all!). The ease of simply slipping something over your head and being done with it is right up my street. Plus, you can thank me later but I've got your lazy weekend sorted too...

All items from: www.bananarepublic.gap.co.uk



Here's to hoping the bright coral and turquoise colours will keep Monday blues at bay!


I love the frill around the decollete and the mid-length is perfect for staying demure on the train and for Tuesday meetings.


Hump day definitely deserves a bit of floaty, feminine floral.


Because Thursday is the new Friday, bring up the hem line (but not too much) and this darker tropical print is perfect for coconutty after-work cocktails.


Friday calls for a party outfit that can carry you from desk to DJ booth and this jumpsuit is perfect. Added bonus that it’s wine coloured for wine-coloured spills.


This navy dress will take you from the shops to a dinner with lots of swishing along the way.


Sunday park strolls deserve a soft safari button up dress that is comfy enough to fall asleep on the sofa in after.

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