How to pack a plane bag

The first sunny weekend of the year has finally hit and as we all delicately nurse our t-shirt shaped burns and our Pimms headaches, the premise of approaching holidays finally begins to loom! I happen to be one of those people who enjoy travelling, airports are always abuzz with anticipation of new places and new journeys. I particularly enjoy travelling alone because I can potter about duty-free for as long as I like without the incessant moaning of my impatient little sister or an exasperated friend! I then get to happily read my book or listen to music gazing out the window or at the other passengers and imagining their twisted life stories. However, this relaxing travel experience is subject to meticulous preparation and a perfectly packed travel bag.

My plane bag is probably the one time in my life where you won’t find 2009 receipts or loose change and gum thinly dusted with a glittery sheen of make-up lurking at the bottom of my bag. You won’t find anything that hasn’t been carefully chosen (often bought for the occasion). And so I present to you my perfected packing list and bag filled with tried and tested goodies.

1. The bag Goyard St. Louis Tote, around £1000  I love a big slouchy open bag for the plane because I constantly need everything in it and I can't cope with constant zipping and unzipping. Also great for shoving under the in front seat.

2. A scarf Brunello Cucinelli Lurex Shimmer Scarf, £710, I love this scarf as it is a linen and cashmere mix which is great to keep you warm on the plane but still light enough for your sun-filled destination. Truly the perfect way to transfer fashionably between climates! 

3. Socks J.Crew Colorblock Stripe Trouser Socks, £17. I have to say this is the one item I would really regret forgetting. I always get freezing cold feet on the plane and love to curl up leaning against the window (I always try for the window seat) knees up to my chest and read- simply not the same will chilly toes.

4. A book The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair, £10. My recent obsession! I have not yet finished but I seriously would recommend this one for making the time go faster. But, any book that interests you will do. 

5. A snack Larabars, £20 for a box of 16. I bulk buy these off amazon as they are not readily available in the UK grrrr. But I would definitely recommend these for a healthy but doesn't feel healthy snack.

6. Chewing gum, for a fresher feel but also handy for when your ears start to pop!

7. Handcream, Byredo, Gypsy water handcream, £24. This is the handcream to my perfume- which doubly unassumingly tops up my scent without irritating the entire plane and keeps my hands nice and soft.

8. Lip balm, Burt's Bees, £8 for a pack of 3 to keep you going. Planes can really dry you out and I always find myself desperately applying this the whole journey. I also love that it’s all-natural.

9. Sunglasses, Dior, £395, Sunnies are a must-have, planes seem to evaporate off your make up, let alone making you super tired! Sunglasses are not only the perfect camouflage but also necessary for your new destination. I love this two-tone Dior pair, they provide great coverage for your under-eye bags and the shape is incredibly flattering on most face shapes.

10. Travel Wallet, Smythson, Panama Marshall textured-leather travel wallet, £350. I would definitely invest in an actual travel specific wallet with sections for tickets and different currencies- maybe treat yourself to the matching passport holder too, which reminds me top of the list, passport and tickets! 

11. Face Mist, Avene Thermal Spring Water, £12, As I mentioned, the plane does completely dry your skin out. This is one of my little French pharmacy finds and it is so refreshing and hydrating.

12. Headphones, FRENDS Taylor Rose Gold on-ear headphones, £180. Headphones are a must for drowning out crying babies and snorers. This pair dual purpose as a fashion accessory. 


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