Summer party inspiration


A low key silky top with ripped jeans and heels or a feminine floral dress. 


Paper pom-poms and handmade napkin rings add a fun kitschy touch, you can also use lavender stems.


Keep it light- big boards of build your own crostinis, icy watermelon on lolly sticks and homemade peach and mango sorbet.


Courtesy of confettiandbuttercream.wordpress.com


Buy mini bottles of tonic, pour a little out and top with gin, edible flowers and maybe a little lime cordial and dress prosecco cocktails with frozen berries and branches of thyme. Corona loaded wheelbarrow is essential.


What is more tropical and summery than a pastel painted pineapple? And of course string up your premade paper pom-poms with fairylights.


Create a little play den for your guests with a deck of cards and comfy cushions. Pre-fill a bucket with water balloons and prepare to launch! (You may want to pre-warn in case of sodden Louboutins...)

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  1. These are so adorable summer party inspirations. I really like night party décor a lot. This year I also hosted a perfect and grand night summer party at domestic event space NYC. My sister decorated party venue using her designed DIY crafts. Truly, it was an amazing party!