The 5-piece capsule wardrobe to help you budget

I have a confession to make and I really hope I am not alone… I have spent a lot of money on clothes; like seriously any income that could be even slightly disposable went towards my unnerving habit (I mean who needs bread and milk, right?). The funny thing about my job is that it goes hand in hand with buying fashion but not quite hand in hand with the big brand budget. I spent a large amount of time poring through high street sites in search of the perfect off-shoulder or the perfect pom-pom sandals. When I first started my current job, my little fashion problem was becoming not so little and I needed to make a plan. This plan proved quite effective and I have in the long run even come to the point where I can put away nearly half of what I was spending on desperately trying to keep my head above water with fleeting trends. 
I started to find that as gorgeous as my new bag was the handle would come loose, or I would be desperately in love with my new bomber jacket but the zip would come stuck. You soon find that you are endlessly replacing these ‘clever’ buys and racking up bills of hundreds. In an attempt to solve my problem I came up with five versatile pieces that I would really invest in (over a period of time) and throw out every other scrappy item that I seldom wore- and it worked! These pieces can be carried from season to season and year to year and will help you pocket those extra pennies that would have gone on bits and bobs. And the secret to keeping your fashion thirst quenched? You can still buy those cheap and cheerful items but mix them with these pieces and you will soon see you need way fewer to create an outfit. So get investing!

1. Jacket

A good jacket is always going to be the first thing people see and can hide a number of sins. I would opt for leather or suede as it can carry you from sticky summer nights with a slip dress to sharper winters with a woolly knit.
Recommended brands: Allsaints, Maje, Sandro, Massimo Dutti 

2. Pair of Flats

A pair of flats stand the test of seasons and keep bunions at bay, a beautifully velvety pair are good for your feet and a some chic to skirts, dresses or trousers.
Recommended brands: French Sole, Pretty ballerinas, Tods

3. Jeans

Jeans were originally invented for working and made popular in Hollywood. This means that they will always be fashionably practical! Team it with a lace cami in the evening or your tee during the day for the off-duty-model look.
Recommended brands: Levis (the inventors), Paige, 7 for all mankind

4. Tee

I lived in Paris and spend a lot of time in South of France and I think we have a lot to learn from their simplistic style. A tee can take you a lot further than you may think: from the gym to a bar. You can build on your collection over the years and here’s a promise: they will never go out of style.
Recommended brands: Petit Bateau, Boden, Whistles, Cyrillus 

5. Bag

I am admittedly a real bag person. In fact, my summer holiday this year is loosely based around where a particular bag I want is. I recommend any good leather in a neutral colour to follow you from Spring into Winter.

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