Cannes for the weekend: Day two

We (or should I say he) woke up later than I would have liked for my organised day of fun and I spent the morning making brunch for my boyfriend who needs regular feeding before hurriedly pushing him looking rather dazed out the door and into the car, croissant in mouth.

We head off to the Provencal market in Antibes. Described as 'a festival of fragrances and accents', we do indeed spot 'Jacques the cheesemonger, Dominique the florist, Denis the fisherman, Michel, Marina and Marielle the market gardeners, Tony and his Corsican products' from the website.

I bought myself a pom-pom basket bag for a steal of 20 euros whilst the others I had my eye on fetch over £100. I happily loaded up my basket with local products, salad and provencal herbs, lavender sachets to help me sleep and to keep in drawers, turquoise and gold necklaces and some olive oil and chocolate. I eyed up the 5 euro bouquets of wild flowers for a while before accepting that having a bouquet for day was probably not wise.

For lunch we stop off at a little local fish restaurant where we stuff our little faces with traditional fish soup, salad nicoise followed by carpaccio and an apple tart.

Two full tummies later we decide it is time to venture back to the tranquility of the pool in preparation for tonight's meal. We also make the walk down to a little public beach littered with beautiful old ruins to watch the sun begin to kiss the sea and feel the sand on our skin. My auntie gave us an amazing trick of filming the waves to listen back to when you're sleeping.

This evening, our dinner spot of choice is Le Maschou. The restaurant is set in the cobbled streets of Cannes and contains few traditionally set tables in a stone-walled and inconspicuous cave. There's a fire where they will be cooking much of our meal and it brings a comfortable glowing warmth. Roses and candlesticks dress all the tables. They operate on a 'Formule' or set menu that is internationally famous, often tried and unsuccessfully copied.

We start with a Spanish sangria and bread toasted in the fire with meat juices served with butter and a sourcream dip. We receive a board of melon and bresaola before a huge basket of crudites is plonked on our table including whole raw vegetables and eggs. The sauces are a delicious anchovy, a vinaigrette.

Slowly our next course trickles out fire-baked jacket potatoes come served with the dips and our choice of meats (steak and lamb) which are deliciously cooked to perfection.

Grumbling in happiness but also slight sickness, we pore through the dessert choices, sweet peaches in the summer, chocolate mousse, giant creme caramels and opt for a selection which does not disappoint.

I leave with my complimentary rose and my rather full boyfriend in tow (not included), we head back home sadly as we know a flight awaits us the next day.

Cannes for the weekend has met every expectation...

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