Eat, Pray, Love

Frid(y)ay is always the best day of the week which is why I chose it as the day that I publish my happy edit. To go alongside this I thought I'd do a focus on some of my favourite things today. So here is a round-up of some of my favourite blog posts from other bloggers in the style of one of my favourite books and films: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Bennet.


If you haven't heard of Erin Gleeson yet, then you may be familiar with her signature style of recipes. She creates beautifully illustrated step by step visual recipes. For anyone who is a visual person like myself and strains their eyes poring over a more traditionally-wordy recipe book, this is the much easier and more modern way that means you will no longer struggle. Not only are her recipes simple and modern but so is her food. Her recipe book 'Forest Feast' is exactly that, think fairy lights and sitting on stumps of wood in a forest whilst devouring rainbow-coloured earthy salads, baked and stuffed beefy tomatoes, followed by light ricotta chocolate mousse in vintage 20s champagne glasses. She almost convinces you to, like her, trade in your city life and shack up in a little Hansel and Gretel styled cottage in the woods hosting nightly feasts for the locals and creatures. Get lost in her recipes over at www.theforestfeast.com. I would highly recommend a visit to your local market before!



In this day and age taking a few minutes out of your life to focus on yourself can seem pointless, time consuming and unrealistic. We all think of those gym-going, health bunnies who wake up at 5am to meditate, body brush, sip lemon water and squeeze in their HIIT. Don't get me wrong- I would love, love to be one of these people and I do once in a while wake up early and head to a spin class. However, I just find it completely unrealistic to maintain and make such a life and personality change! I just love my time in bed too much.

For the times when I am feeling particularly inspired, I do head over to www.intentblog.com. They have some amazing articles on spirituality and meditation and for me this is enough. I actually downloaded the app Headspace recently on a colleague's recommendation and although it is truly a great app, I personally just couldn't get into it. But, when I stumbled across the below illustration on Intent Blog, I don't know whether it is because as I said above I am a visual person, but I found it super easy to follow. I now try at least three times a week at any time of the day to follow this. It does really provide a few minutes of de-stress and there has been so much research on the health benefits of this time to yourself. I have set the time constraints of what works for me but it really can be done as much or as little as you find useful.

Another article I love on their site: http://intentblog.com/i-am-not-my-work-fear-and-mindfulness-in-entrepreneurship/#more-287085


A study conducted by MyHarmony.com found that by 2031 half of all couples will have met online. This really points to how the channels for meeting someone have changed so rapidly in the last few years. I think that expectations have just become increasingly high, we all want that sickly-candyfloss-sweet love. When you're sitting on the tube watching the cooing couple bobbing along on their morning commute secretly thinking there's no way they are that happy- rest assured they probably met on Tinder and they totally have their problems too... Life isn't like The Holiday and sometimes we do need to put our best foot forward and get out there.

I recently went on a quadruple date and my boyfriend and I were the only ones who had met 'organically'. The other couples are no less happy than we are because of this. My best friend also recently remarked that she wanted to meet a guy naturally and for it all to fall into place, I straight away told her that whether someone is right for you or not has nothing to do with where you meet. I guess that fact is that we need to realise that there should be no stigma to meeting online- technology is something to be utilised and taken advantage of. We have so many opportunities to meet amazing people who may not have happened to be walking past and graciously caught us as we slip over like in movies!

The only thing that we need to be aware of on the internet is that you can be anyone and search for almost anything. My Domaine happens to be one of my favourite websites: it encapsulates interiors, careers and lifestyle in one incredibly informative swoop! They published this article on the traits that we all find the most attractive, and why not use them to our best ability? http://www.mydomaine.com/most-attractive-traits. Why shouldn't we put our best foot forward? After all, confidence is the number one most attractive trait


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