The Weekly Happy Edit

The 5 happy things showcased in the news this week...

1. Shrek and Smurf: The Rescued Coloured-in Kittens 

These two gorgeous little kittens were rescued by police when investigating a house in Bradford. They are now being cleaned well cared for and well be ready for happy new homes very soon!

2. Paralympian's Stolen Bike Returned

Tim Farr is a British paralympian with a huge personality. So, it is no wonder that when his £5000 specially-made bike was stolen from outside his house, a crowdfunding site for a new one raised nearly £2000. Well, this money will now be donated to charity as his bike has been recovered from a pawn shop after being sold for just £150.

3. Gene Therapy Reduces Sight Loss

Sight-loss is undoubtedly an incredibly difficult disability to deal with. A new and recently proven therapy now represents hope for thousands of those who would otherwise become blind from the rare disorder called 'choroideremia'. A treated patient said of the therapy 'it has opened a new chapter of my life for me when I thought that the book was about to close'. 
- Jonathan Wyatt

4. Mother Reunited with her Kidnapped Son 22 years on

Zou Qixiu was reunited with her son who disappeared from their home in 1994 at the age of four years old. He was abducted my human traffickers and sold to another couple. After recently having his own child he thought about the anguish his mother must have suffered and still be suffering. He got in contact with 'Baby come home' website and tracked down his mother. His parents were illiterate so could only do what they could to track him down which including going door to door. There were huge celebrations on his return.

5. Disney to make Maleficent, Mary Poppins and Jungle Book Sequels (and Cruella)

Any release of a Disney movie is good news to me! Fortunately, we have four to keep us busy. There will be a Marry Poppins sequel starring Emily Blunt, a Jungle Book and Maleficent sequel (starring their original casts including Angelina Jolie) amd to top it all of a brand new 101 Dalmations spin-off called Cruella. They also confirmed further future releases- in 2017, 2018 and 2019 which should be more than enough to keep our thirst for Disney quenched.

Have you had any happy news this week?


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