A week of healthy office lunches

I have a confession. I never, ever make and bring lunch to work. I have another confession. I am terrible at Maths. I am of the opinion that these two statements are directly related. This is because when I employed the help of my not-so-mathematically challenged colleague, I worked out just how much my daily lunch splurges were costing me. The grand total was around £2600 yearly. Not to mention all the calories I must be gorging on every single day!

Here is how we worked it out for the skeptics. 

Average daily lunch/ breafast/ snack spend: £10 
Average weekly spend: £50 
Average monthly spend: £200
Average yearly spend: £2600 

Which in normal people terms equals most of this:

LUX hotel, Maldives, Private Pool Villa, £690 per night
Larson & Jennings, £225
Chritian Louboutin, £575
YSL, £1350

The problem is I just want to be lazy when I get in and whats-more I hate whatever lunch I do bring in. So, I challenged myself to a week (well, everyone needs a Friday treat) of healthy and easy work lunches. Here is how it went. 


Feta, cucumber, avocado and edamame bean salad with feta and simple dressing. Gluten-free pita chips with taramasalata 


Lean turkey slices with cherry tomatoes and cheddar, cucumber snacks. Hummus and pretzels, berries and protein flapjack.


Leftovers: quinoa and currant salad with a butternut squash and broccoli salad (tomatoes and avo in for good measure). Sour cream and onion corncakes, pear slices and shortbread. 


More leftover quinoa with spinach, sweetcorn and feta. Hummus crisps and homemade cinnamon balls with blueberries.


Okay well not quite a week...

Comment below with any tips you have to help me continue with this healthy habit!


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