The Weekly Happy Edit

Have you ever flicked through the Daily Mail app or switched on Sky news and thought oh my god when will they put on some good news?!

Well your wish is my command, you can now hop over here once a week for the weekly happy edit of the 5 things that you need to know that week.

1. Happy Birthday Queen Liz!

So yesterday the Queen's real 90th birthday, which makes her the world's oldest reigning monarch. I say real because she has two. Her official birthday is in June. This is due to the volatile English weather. Traditionally, any monarch with a birthday in cold or wet English months gets another one during the Summer in the hope of a sunny parade. So, it might be a bit chilly today but get whip out your chunky heels and Summer florals for street parties and BBQs June 11th.
(I mean... my birthday is in March, do I get another one?)

2. Celebrity Babies

In a matter of days, we have learned of the pregnancies of Blake Lively, Megan Fox, Ellie Kemper and Eva Mendes. They also join the likes of Behati Prinsloo, Candice Swanepoel, Hilaria Baldwin and Olivia Wilde who are also currently preggers. Do I sense the next generation of the Gigi, Kendall, Taylor, Cara tribe?!

3. Happy Earth Day!

I also came across 5 reasons to be happy this earth day. China are finally cleaning up their act, they have agreed to sign something or other that means they will reduce emissions and have sent ambitious targets for reductions in the coming years woo hoo! Electric cars are becoming the new cool thing, they are sexier, sleeker than ever and we all should want one. The world invested twice as much in sustainable energy this year and Solar energy has gotten way cheaper! Finally, 195 countries have signed the Paris Agreement to fight pollution. So, it really is a happy earth day.

4. Dementia is on the decline

Just before we release Vogue's annual ageless style issue, we learn that a recent study that evaluated temporal trends from the Framingham Heart Study found that the incidence of dementia had declined over the past 4 decades - See more at: http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/dementia/incidence-dementia-declining#sthash.vqnLZNj5.dpuf.

5. Uber is making it easier for deaf drivers to work for them

My favourite taxi company, has now risen even higher in my books. They have joined up with Communication Service for the Deaf to make it easier for deaf drivers to communicate with passengers and use the app. They are really leading the way in helping to equalise job opportunities for people with any sort of disability. 

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