How to decorate a cake in 2 minutes

I love baking. I love making cakes. I make them for friend's birthdays, celebrations and on random rainy Tuesdays. The only problem is, I mix, I taste, I weigh, I bake, I make icing and then... I'm totally and utterly bored and over it. Over the years, I have created my own and stolen some ideas to make things a little easier for myself. So I've pulled these together and this guide is for people who are like me, a little bit restless but love to make things look beautiful!

Cheat option A: The Fruity Fan

This option is great for things like cheesecake or tarts. It is probably the easiest out of the three options. It can range from tumbling a punnet of blueberries on top of a cheesecake to something like the below. All I did was slice some strawberries, randomly arrange the fruit in the middle and dot the raspberries around the outside. 

Cheat option B: The Chocolate Fence 

In terms of this option, the 'fence' around the outside can be anything from kitkats, matchsticks to chocolate fingers. I think it is best for a two-tiered cake as the kitkats are big enough to accommodate quite a height. The easiest thing to do is to pour in something like m&ms, smarties or skittles but it would be just as easy to add fruit- or try out some intricate design! 

Cheat option C: The Almond Flowers

This idea was given to me by Lorraine Pascale (former supermodel) in one of her growing collection of cookbooks of which I am a huge fan. It is a lot easier than it looks and I think the result is very impressive. This probably best for a flatter cake or torte. All you need to do is elegantly place raspberries and then use almond flakes stuck in (pointy side up) to create the illusion of petals.

Enjoy lazybugs! 


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