The 7 things Gigi does that you can copy

1. Become a 'Box'star

It is a well-known fact that Gigi uses boxing to help maintain her figure. I mean you might not look quite as cool as she does in this gif (I found out the hard way by filming myself) but boxing is fun and not so expensive way to keep fit. It is great cardio and who doesn't fancy being a trained boxer when a creepy guy comes onto you? 

Here is some boxing advice from the girl herself (to the Daily Mail) 'So you want to keep your hands up by your face, obviously, to protect the gold and then you're going to put your left hand at [your opponent], it's called a jab and it's usually to keep the distance from you and then you're going to go to your right hand for power, then you're going to turn and uppercut, that's usually when they get too close to you.'

2. Eat clean but have a burger to 'stay sane'

I don't think anyone is under the impression that if you eat a burger every day you will look like Gigi but she herself has said that if you eat, clean and train hard, treating yourself every now and then will keep you going. It will also keep your metabolism whirring away and you'll avoid binges and falling off the wagon.

3. Highlight like a Goddess

Gigi's make-up artist has been graced with the title of creator of the halo technique of highlighting. This is a technique in which you apply a 'wash' of shimmer over the whole cheek, watch the tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxtDCwXtcvk

MAC, Strobe Cream, £24.50

4. Wear trainers with everything

There is something about her that means she can wear totally the wrong components but when put together they look great on her. I have never been a massive trainer lover, I much prefer boots in the Winter and pumps or sandals in the Summer. However, if there was anyone who could incentivise me to invest in some new trainer then it would be her. Life lesson: anything from a floral maxi dress to a work suit can now be worn with trainers à la Gigi! 
I love this pair by Common Projects, £270 

5. Get Educated

It may not be common knowledge but Gigi Hadid actually studied criminal psychology at New School in New York. Victoria's Secret model and being able to analyse the habits of a serial killer are two things she can tick off. Many other celebrities such as Emma Watson and Natalie Portman also continued their studies throughout fame, proving that there's never a good time to stop learning. In fact, whether it be education or just picking up valuable life lessons, we should always be and never stop learning! 

6. Style your apartment like Gigi's

If you're an avid enough follower of our girl Gigi you'll see snippets of her apartment via snaps and Instagrams (and if you haven't- well, see it here!). A few lessons you can copy for your own apartment: 

- All white err'ything! This may not seem like a practical option but there is nothing that looks cleaner and chicer than an all white interior. Not only does it make your space look lighter and more airy it also helps to keep it looking bigger and uncramped.

- Never underestimate accessories! From coffee table books to a solid gold pineapple, there is nothing that can help jazz up a room more than accents subtly dotted around.

- Keep it cosy! I think people try to create these showroom worthy houses whilst forgetting that you do have to actually live there. Furs and throws can really add to the feel of a room, after all no one wants to live in a dentist's waiting room.

- Make it young and fun but keep the class. It is so often that the Cath Kidston style of girly twee is overdone. It can look absolutely gorgeous if done well and Gigi's girly fairy lights and accents of a dusty rose as the perfect way to do this.

7. Become best friends with Kendall Jenner

Well come on.... We can't have it all! 

KenGi are fast becoming a two girl band of personality filled supermodel icons! They have an official collaboration in the works and I mean who didn't have major envy over this Chanel sleepover they had: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCCoM4yn1mU.  But I feel grabbing your best friend and a tub of Ben and Jerrys will suffice! 


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