Your new London Date Spot

If you are anything like me and as indecisive then this scenario will sound familiar to you. It's your fourth date with a new guy you like, it's been going really well and you've been to some amazing places. This is when the dreaded proposal comes and no I do not mean marriage, calm down! No- this when he says to you, 'I've planned all the dates so far, what do you think about planning one this time?'. A light sheen of sweat starts to form on your forehead as you grit your teeth and say 'sure' through wild eyes whilst disaster scenarios begin to whir in your head...Well, if you don't love me already, you will now, because I have a solution to all your problems (well not all of them, you'll have to keep checking back).

You don't want to seem too keen and over the top, that would come across very badly and even if you don't scare him off, you do not want this whole date planning thing to become regular! On the other hand, it would probably be even worse to come across as boring and uninventive. I have the perfect place for you, not too over the top and not too boring. Drum roll please... Madison rooftop.

Book a table for an hour after you plan to meet easily on opentable here. Meet after work on a warm evening at the bar, just get the elevator straight up to floor 6 and grab yourself some dutch courage in the form of a gingerbread wine. Give a little wave to your date whilst basking in the flattering sun-going-down light! Drink up and go sit within touching distance of St Paul's Cathedral's dome.

A few drinks and giggles later your table should be ready. Head over under the hanging flowers and orange light-bulbs to your table.

You can continue your drinking here and share a few nibbly bits. Truffle fries, the duck burger, macaroni cheese are just a few of my top choices. Unfortunately, my indecisiveness does also stretch to food and I tend to find that most things I would usually order are incredibly uncomfortable to eat on a date- I mean, who wants strings of spaghetti hanging on their chin? Equally nobody likes the serial salad orderer! My top date choice menu would probably be the lemon and green chili marinated grilled chicken, as a complete clutz cutting chicken into small pieces from past experience is my safest bet.

After dinner (and perhaps one shared chocolate and praline fondant later?), you can head back out to look at the skyline in all its illuminated glory.

You have now officially aced your date spot picking. See my best friend and happy date below!

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