4 tips to improve a 'fat day' from my colleagues

As women, we can all related to the phrase 'fat day'. It is that day when you've caught yourself in the mirror at a bad angle, had a bad photo uploaded, had a binge, failed to squeeze into something in your size or are just feeling generally rubbish and bloated. Working in a glamorous office can leave you feeling even worse, even though it is something we all suffer from. So I have pulled together 4 tips from my colleagues for your future fat days and mine!

1. Drink lots of water with lemon from Ellie (House & Garden)

This is actually the most scientifically sensible idea, it is great for cleaning out your system and the taste of freshness (and the lack of calories) leaves you feeling a lot fresher.

2. A good pair of shoes from Jenna (Vogue)

Jenna, the 5ft10 model-esque blonde, actually had the best advice on this in my opinion. She dresses in all black and puts on some killer shoes.

3. Have a bath and a glass of wine from Rosanna (Brides)

Her first answer was to go for a run which was quickly followed by her realistic suggestion which was to calm down and have a luxurious bath and glass of wine.

4. Have a good cry from Chloe (GQ)

Embrace the fact that you are having a 'fat day' because everyone has them. Just because you are having a 'fat day' doesn't mean you have to drink green juice and if needs-be have a good cry!

And one from Jenny (Tatler)... 'My dad and I have this problem that is actually the opposite to this. Even if we are a bit overweight or not looking great, we look in the mirror and think wow I look fantastic!!' *clicks fingers in a Z formation*

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