Get the off duty model look

Last Summer, I embarked on the journey of a lifetime across America with my best friend. We hit every single place that could be referred to as a celeb-hotspot, otherwise known as the locations of DASH stores. Naturally as tourists like to do, we did our best to embrace the ‘local culture’. Looking back on it, we might have looked more like ladies of the night parading through the Bellagio casino in Vegas in heels and floppy hats than the celebrities that we thought we were embodying.

Sunset Boulevard

Brooklyn Bridge

But, hey-ho! We certainly tried our best…The image that I think we were trying to emulate was that of the goddesses that are A-list celebrities gliding through airports and down LA pavements ‘incognito’ encircled with flashing cameras. This kind of Hollywood chic not only looks glamourous but is incredibly comfortable and flattering for those off days. So here are my 'get the looks' for us mortals. 

Rosie looks effortlessly chic and comfortable and her statement stripe really 'frenches' up and makes this look.

GAP, £14.99 (sale)
Banana Republic, £55
Topshop, £48

KenGi look like they have just stepped out of the gym in an 'aren't I naturally beautiful' kind of way. Nike Theas are obviously a given.

Topshop, £49
Lululemon leggings, £88
H&M, £12.99


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