3 ways with flowers for summer

In light of the recent Chelsea Flower show which is held every year by the Royal Horticultural Society and the beautiful flowers blooming up around this city, here are 3 ways to embrace flowers!

1. Bake a 'flower-fetti' cake

I believe this term was coined here. It is a spin off of the confetti cake trends which are made by sprinkling in coloured sugar strands. All you need to do is gently stir some edible flowers into your cake batter and cake as usual. Once baked cover your cake in buttercream and more edible flowers or frosted rose petals. The easiest place to get edible flowers is online or you could even grow them in your window box (see below). The original recommends a Victoria sponge made with blueberry jam which I love but could be done with anything such as a lemon or orange marmalade or even a violet jam.

2. Host a herb garden window box

A flower window box can be spectacular but does tend to weather across the seasons. Keep your kitchen constantly supplied with fresh ingredients, even in a 10-storey flat with a herb window box. The best herbs for your window box are: chives, parsley, lemon thyme, basil and coriander. Pick up herbs from your local garden centre where they will give you some helpful advice on potting then buy your pots here:
Trouva.com, £38
and your window box here:

Etsy.com, £30

3. Scatter in your bath

Unwind this yourself this summer Summer in a rosebud laden bath. Alternatively you can gift someone the scent of an English summer. Creating your own rosy bath salts is so easy. 

1. Mix 2 cups crushed or whole dried rosebuds with 4 cups Epsom and Dead Sea salts or pink Himalayan salt.
2. Place salt mixture inside of test tubes or mason jars that can be sealed tightly.
3. Add a large pinch to your bath and enjoy the many health benefits.

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