How to dress for Bipolar weather

With the breath of windy autumn twirling our leaves and whooshing up our skirts, we have to reign in our seasonal affective disorder and make sensible wardrobe choices... Here to help!

Maxi skirts and leather jackets

A maxi skirt provides welcome blanket for your legs as well as letting the air in, in a way that cigarette pants do not. We can pull out trusty leather jackets back off their hangers and drape over our shoulders. Not only is this look practical but also the perfect chic pairing.

Light jackets

Rosie's airport outfits are pretty much my absolute favourite inspo for everything fashion-related. But, this silky thin coat is truly the best way to keep cool and warm simultaneously.

Jumpers and skirts

Autumn is definitely not a time to be afraid of bare legs, with golden tans left over from the remnants of Summer sunning. Mixing you short skirt with a jumper and some boots is great way to brace for sunny spells with icy winds. 


In general anything you can layer and remove/ put on is going to be the best way to resolve your feelings of dismay at bipolar Autumn weather. And look how chic layers can be!

Autumnal accesories

Note the sunglasses in each photo- accessories are important in Autumn. Not only do they 'style up' an outfit but they also transition from stuffed into a bag or tightly wrapped around us for warmth. Tan is the perfect colour to take you from sunny days to icy ones appropriately.

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