Autumn Update

This autumn update post means a number of things; I have finally crawled out of my summer mind-set primarily and you can expect regular weekly posts, I am ready to update you on my summer holiday and on the trends you can expect to see this autumn with a few tips and tricks a long the way.

As summer sinks into September, moments of clinking rosé glasses at a beach lunch, crashing waves onto sandy toes, sweaty dancing nights and balmy dinners of fresh seabass in Greece, huge creamy pink pomodoro pasta bowls in Italy and crowded mezze plates in Israel, all begin to fade into that little box we label as last Summer.

I read a quote the other day that cheered me up to no end- at least we can stop the summer diet that we never really got around to starting, but still felt guilty for! With pumpkin spice lattes back on the Starbucks menu and an innate desire to stuff myself with cinnamon buns I could not be happier to see the Summer salad phase coming to a close. So what better way to begin than with a little autumn warmer?

Mexican Hot Chocolate

40g chocolate (about 70%)
semi-skimmed milk
single cream
2 cinnamon sticks
chilli powder
brown sugar

Put a saucepan on the stove on a medium heat and measure with your mug you wish to use 3/4 semi-skimmed milk and the rest single cream

Add 40g good quality chocolate (about 70%), 1/2 tsp chilli powder, 2 cinnamon sticks, pinch of nutmeg and 1 tsp brown sugar and take off the heat, leave for 5 minutes

Whisk together and pour into your mug ready to enjoy!

Whilst on the topic of updates, my boyfriend has just completed on his new flat, which I started prepping for way back here. So you can look forward to that little project being documented as well as his housewarming party (La fiesta themed- complete with taco bar station).

In 3 weeks time, I will also be treating any readers still plodding along with my ramblings to 24 hours in Paris. I am visiting for my cousin’s party on a boat and having lived there I am looking forward to condensing it down to one day for my Paris-virgin boyfriend. Speaking of… Does anyone want to help me choose a dress option from below?

Happy hump day and happy to be back to posting!

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