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It's getting to the dreaded season where everyone starts to get into a 'Summer body flap'. You go to your favourite Italian with your gal pals for dinner and just as you've selected your creamy penne order you hear coos of the Italian side salad and San Pellegrino with lemon. Well, if you are anything like me you hurriedly fold up the menu so no one spots you only had the pizza/ pasta section open and manage to get a reluctant 'me too' out. So, if this is you and I hope I'm not alone then I have just the thing for you. Your guide to yummy slim eating across popular chains.

Ping Pong

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So Ping Pong actually do an amazing healthy mix menu although it does come in at around 800 calories it is a healthy 800. However, if you leave bikini fasting to the last minute like I do you may want to cut this down a little, in which case I would recommend:

- The Broccoli
- 2-3 Steamed dim sums
- Celery salt edamame

Pizza Express

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There is nothing worse than avoiding carbs at an Italian restaurant but a risotto is a nice compromise and it comes in at well under 500 calories.

- Share a pesto buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad (tastes just like the bruschetta minus the carbs)
- Primavera risotto

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- Mini ramen (I like it because it has sweetcorn and is a more manageable portion) I personally love the tofu. You can also swap in different types of noodles/ the broth.
- Spicy edamame


Image result for nandos quarter chicken corn on the cob

- Quarter lemon and herb chicken
- Corn on the cob
- Mixed leaf salad

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