What the A-listers eat for breakfast

Jennifer Aniston 

Aniston had three go-to breakfasts which range from 'Sometimes it’s a smoothie—bananas, cherries, a protein powder of some sort, almonds, cacao powder, and all sorts of other weird antioxidant stuff I can’t remember—with almond milk,' to 'avocado toast sprinkled with olive oil and salt and pepper.' or oatmeal with whipped in egg whites. Will this give us her arms?

Source: Bon Appetit 

Taylor Hill

Taylor sticks to high fats for breakfast to kickstart early mornings. On an example day she had “eggs, bacon and potatoes and some orange juice and a cup of coffee.”

Source: In Style

Millie Mackintosh

Millie has an asparagus fritatta on shoot days as it is a diuretic, she sometimes also has smoked salmon and avocado with poached eggs.

Source: Telegraph

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie keeps things as Paleo (The Caveman diet) as possible. 'I'll have scrambled eggs on toast or yogurt with a handful of granola—preferably paleo—with some mixed berries, and maybe a breakfast muffin (also paleo) with a green juice.' She also noted that she couldn't function without a coffee- join the club!

Source: Harpers Bazaar

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba started the successful children's company The Honest Company and she makes her children things like cream of wheat and gluten-free pancakes. Herself, she has unusually 'egg tacos', the hotter the better or yogurt with berries and granola.

Source: The Huffington Post

Kourtney Kardashian

Oatmeal or her famous avocado pudding! To make: Mix organic cane sugar to taste, half a ripe avocado and 1 cup of almond milk in a blender then enjoy... I think.

Source: Life with EC

3 ways with flowers for summer

In light of the recent Chelsea Flower show which is held every year by the Royal Horticultural Society and the beautiful flowers blooming up around this city, here are 3 ways to embrace flowers!

1. Bake a 'flower-fetti' cake

I believe this term was coined here. It is a spin off of the confetti cake trends which are made by sprinkling in coloured sugar strands. All you need to do is gently stir some edible flowers into your cake batter and cake as usual. Once baked cover your cake in buttercream and more edible flowers or frosted rose petals. The easiest place to get edible flowers is online or you could even grow them in your window box (see below). The original recommends a Victoria sponge made with blueberry jam which I love but could be done with anything such as a lemon or orange marmalade or even a violet jam.

2. Host a herb garden window box

A flower window box can be spectacular but does tend to weather across the seasons. Keep your kitchen constantly supplied with fresh ingredients, even in a 10-storey flat with a herb window box. The best herbs for your window box are: chives, parsley, lemon thyme, basil and coriander. Pick up herbs from your local garden centre where they will give you some helpful advice on potting then buy your pots here:
Trouva.com, £38
and your window box here:

Etsy.com, £30

3. Scatter in your bath

Unwind this yourself this summer Summer in a rosebud laden bath. Alternatively you can gift someone the scent of an English summer. Creating your own rosy bath salts is so easy. 

1. Mix 2 cups crushed or whole dried rosebuds with 4 cups Epsom and Dead Sea salts or pink Himalayan salt.
2. Place salt mixture inside of test tubes or mason jars that can be sealed tightly.
3. Add a large pinch to your bath and enjoy the many health benefits.


8 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best

Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? Follow these eight tips and you will be on your way!

1. Get enough sleep. 

Your body repairs and recovers when you are resting. Not only do you need enough sleep, but you want quality snoozing! Your body is a machine so try to develop a routine and aim for 8 hours a night.

2. Cut back on those refined sugars. 

Sugars will wreak havoc on the body! Consuming too much sugar will cause you to show premature signs of aging and diminish that youthful glow. You don’t need to eliminate it, but try to use it more sparingly. Natural sweeteners are always best. 

3. Exercise daily. 

The body was meant to move not to sit sedentarily. Get some type of exercise daily. It can be walking, yoga, lifting weights, running, etc. Do something you enjoy and it won’t seem like work.

4. Drink more water. 

Water consumption is so imperative to good health. Water is essential to digestion, flushing toxins from the body, energy levels, and overall function. It also helps keep your skin clear and delivers a glowing complexion that everyone desperately wants.

5. Be positive. 

You will attract so much more in life if you remain positive. Try to look at the good in situations, I know this can sometimes be easier said than done but it will help you in the long run. Think of your thoughts as magnets, what are you hoping to attract?

6. Laugh often! 

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Laughing is always an excellent therapeutic remedy. So watch a comedy, laugh out loud at that meme, and share your crazy shenanigans with others. Life doesn’t need to be so serious all the time.

7. Believe in yourself. 

You know yourself better than anyone! Don’t ever let anyone count you out. Leave doubt at the door and set fire to your world! 

8. Take care of your body. 

You are only given one body so cherish it! Take care of it and it will take care of you!

These are small but significant things that will set you up for success in the long run. You deserve to live your best life, and it all begins with taking care of yourself!

Kelly Keating is the founder of PCOS LIVING. She struggled undiagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome for years and has had much success by making positive lifestyle changes that she now shares to help others. Kelly believes in empowering women to live healthy and happy lives. She blogs about women’s health, fitness, low-carb recipes, and other lifestyle topics. Motivated to improve your 
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Your new London Date Spot

If you are anything like me and as indecisive then this scenario will sound familiar to you. It's your fourth date with a new guy you like, it's been going really well and you've been to some amazing places. This is when the dreaded proposal comes and no I do not mean marriage, calm down! No- this when he says to you, 'I've planned all the dates so far, what do you think about planning one this time?'. A light sheen of sweat starts to form on your forehead as you grit your teeth and say 'sure' through wild eyes whilst disaster scenarios begin to whir in your head...Well, if you don't love me already, you will now, because I have a solution to all your problems (well not all of them, you'll have to keep checking back).

You don't want to seem too keen and over the top, that would come across very badly and even if you don't scare him off, you do not want this whole date planning thing to become regular! On the other hand, it would probably be even worse to come across as boring and uninventive. I have the perfect place for you, not too over the top and not too boring. Drum roll please... Madison rooftop.

Book a table for an hour after you plan to meet easily on opentable here. Meet after work on a warm evening at the bar, just get the elevator straight up to floor 6 and grab yourself some dutch courage in the form of a gingerbread wine. Give a little wave to your date whilst basking in the flattering sun-going-down light! Drink up and go sit within touching distance of St Paul's Cathedral's dome.

A few drinks and giggles later your table should be ready. Head over under the hanging flowers and orange light-bulbs to your table.

You can continue your drinking here and share a few nibbly bits. Truffle fries, the duck burger, macaroni cheese are just a few of my top choices. Unfortunately, my indecisiveness does also stretch to food and I tend to find that most things I would usually order are incredibly uncomfortable to eat on a date- I mean, who wants strings of spaghetti hanging on their chin? Equally nobody likes the serial salad orderer! My top date choice menu would probably be the lemon and green chili marinated grilled chicken, as a complete clutz cutting chicken into small pieces from past experience is my safest bet.

After dinner (and perhaps one shared chocolate and praline fondant later?), you can head back out to look at the skyline in all its illuminated glory.

You have now officially aced your date spot picking. See my best friend and happy date below!


Cannes for the weekend: Day two

We (or should I say he) woke up later than I would have liked for my organised day of fun and I spent the morning making brunch for my boyfriend who needs regular feeding before hurriedly pushing him looking rather dazed out the door and into the car, croissant in mouth.

We head off to the Provencal market in Antibes. Described as 'a festival of fragrances and accents', we do indeed spot 'Jacques the cheesemonger, Dominique the florist, Denis the fisherman, Michel, Marina and Marielle the market gardeners, Tony and his Corsican products' from the website.

I bought myself a pom-pom basket bag for a steal of 20 euros whilst the others I had my eye on fetch over £100. I happily loaded up my basket with local products, salad and provencal herbs, lavender sachets to help me sleep and to keep in drawers, turquoise and gold necklaces and some olive oil and chocolate. I eyed up the 5 euro bouquets of wild flowers for a while before accepting that having a bouquet for day was probably not wise.

For lunch we stop off at a little local fish restaurant where we stuff our little faces with traditional fish soup, salad nicoise followed by carpaccio and an apple tart.

Two full tummies later we decide it is time to venture back to the tranquility of the pool in preparation for tonight's meal. We also make the walk down to a little public beach littered with beautiful old ruins to watch the sun begin to kiss the sea and feel the sand on our skin. My auntie gave us an amazing trick of filming the waves to listen back to when you're sleeping.

This evening, our dinner spot of choice is Le Maschou. The restaurant is set in the cobbled streets of Cannes and contains few traditionally set tables in a stone-walled and inconspicuous cave. There's a fire where they will be cooking much of our meal and it brings a comfortable glowing warmth. Roses and candlesticks dress all the tables. They operate on a 'Formule' or set menu that is internationally famous, often tried and unsuccessfully copied.

We start with a Spanish sangria and bread toasted in the fire with meat juices served with butter and a sourcream dip. We receive a board of melon and bresaola before a huge basket of crudites is plonked on our table including whole raw vegetables and eggs. The sauces are a delicious anchovy, a vinaigrette.

Slowly our next course trickles out fire-baked jacket potatoes come served with the dips and our choice of meats (steak and lamb) which are deliciously cooked to perfection.

Grumbling in happiness but also slight sickness, we pore through the dessert choices, sweet peaches in the summer, chocolate mousse, giant creme caramels and opt for a selection which does not disappoint.

I leave with my complimentary rose and my rather full boyfriend in tow (not included), we head back home sadly as we know a flight awaits us the next day.

Cannes for the weekend has met every expectation...