Cannes you handle it?

With the close of the film festival and the last Monaco stragglers filtering through Nice customs, this year’s much awaited starlet vacance is over until 2018. I can finally reflect on my mini break with my partner in crime, colleague and bombshell bestie Emily,

Each year, assistants pack up haute couture and glam squads get their brushes at the ready whilst celebs begin juice cleanses to look their best at the magic that is Cannes film festival. Meanwhile, in north London each year I am sat browsing asos for the best celeb style pieces and a special dress in case this year I am whisked off to a premiere (although I am still unsure about sitting in an evening gown in a glorified cinema, it’s a must do right?).

This year’s round-up of celeb style finds:

Wildfox, £145
Asos, £35
Asos, £60

Flowy ruffled dress | MANGO
Mango, £35.99
Zara, £39.99
Zara, £90 

This year as spectacular as every, perhaps even more so, we attended the parties, brushed shoulders with the most beautiful and influential, ate truffle macaroni three times in four days, drank our weight in prosecco and minute rosé and shopped boutiques for bikinis, straw and pompomed bags and evening dresses in the form of shreds of lace. My dresses got more than a few outings each and we had many a sunrise uber ride home with a special mention to being approached for a street style photo in the morning in our dresses that we had put on at 6pm the night before- suffice to say we did not oblige.

The one thing about Cannes is the sheer cost of ‘living it up’. It is near impossible to bear witness to numerous of bottles of Dom in every club, the half-eaten lobsters gracing the restaurant tables and the covetable but astronomical dresses on every leggy lady catwalking past without buckling under the pressure and Amex tapping your way around. With this in mind, I have pored through menus and hotspot guides far and wide to present you with the most budget friendly picks without compromising on the star feeling that you deserve over the film festival.

Tea at the Armani café

Image result for armani cafe cannes

Perfect for people watching- a must in Cannes not only for the celebrities but also the old men in panamas with their bleached rails of wives teetering in Loubs and trailing Chanel shoppers. Having a slice of cake and tea is the ultimate luxury. Bring some big sunnies to hide your stares.

Dinner at Le Maschou

Le Maschou is famous worldwide as you may have seen in last year’s Cannes post here. There is a set menu payable upon booking so you can forget about it and just enjoy the evening. For a set menu of 49 euros, your table is laden with the signature crudités basket, fire cooked bread, meat, jacket potatoes, dips and you finish with mousse au chocolat, peaches, tarte au citron the list goes on… Be sure to book in advance as a table on the night n’est pas possible!

 A stroll or uber lux down La Croisette

Window shopping (or window licking in French and probably more accurate in my case) is not only free but deliciously satisfying in Cannes. Pick out your dream red carpet outfits and be sure to linger outside to Martinez to catch any starlets.

Hopping on a friend’s yacht

Yes I agree this is highly subjective to you having a friend with a yacht but they are hotly available if you hang around in the right places. Not only is it free but it is the best way to spend a day.

Rosé and nibbles chez vous

Although you may pay hundreds of euros for a magnum of rosé, in the local supermarkets the best is very reasonably priced. Our favourite was minute and if you pick up a bottle along with some olives and crisps, you have yourself a very civilised aperitif or ‘apero’.

Boutique shopping in Juan Les Pins

Cannes is filled with beautiful boutiques at high prices which are admittedly irresistible but if you venture 20 minutes along the main road towards Nice you will happen upon Juan Les Pins, a slightly more budget friendly but equally gorgeous town which is bursting with boutiques. They change names frequently but never cease to consist of finds that will lead to eye rolls when you tell your envious friends they are only available in South of France. We came across the most gorgeous Valentino sandal copies, lacey playsuits, handmade and hand customised denim shorts and a little boutique that weekly ships her picks from stockists in Milan.

Private concerts at Vip Room or Gotha  

Across the film festival every year, there are pop up clubs such as Vip room and guest performances from some of the biggest names, this year being Tyga, Martin Solveig, Fetty Wap and a collaboration with 1OAK. The great thing about these nights is that essentially they turn into private concerts with never more than 25 euro entry. Girls often don’t have to pay and get shoved onto tables and if you are with friends willing to buy a table then even better.

Okay so this isn’t budget friendly but…

Lunch at the Eden Roc

Not only are you sure to spot celebrities but the food is delicious, the surroundings are spectacular and it is well worth the treat. Stick to a salad and share a bottle of rosé and you won’t go too wrong. 

So after catching all the last minute sun we could, we eagerly are awaiting next year...


How to do Al fresco

I fully recognised that 'Al Fresco' isn't always plain sailing with British weather but for those sun happy weekends that aren't peppered with showers I (with the loving support of Pinterest) have a few little tips to share with you.

Pretty as a pitcher

Sangria pitcher - perfect for summer parties!:

On a recent trip out with the work girls to The Ivy Soho we ordered 9 of our now favourite new drinks. This new wonder was called frozé and consisted of gallons rosé frozen and mixed with pomegranate syrup so that it resembled a strawberry slush puppy. I recently did this for a dinner party with lychee syrup and topped with dried rose petals. Pitchers of these drinks could work well but you can also make non alcoholic cocktails or a personal fave of mine which is margarita pitchers with salted rims (recipe below).

Margarita pitcher:

(Recipe adapted from Pinch of Yum)

- Sprinkle rock salt onto a plate and a small pool of water into a bowl big enough to fit the head of your pitcher.
- Place the rim of the pitcher into the water then the rock salt for an even coating.

Now you need to remember this simple formula: 1 part sugar syrup + 2 parts lime juice + 3 parts tequila = yum!  
- Boil one cup water with one cup sugar until all dissolved
- Mix together your juiced lime, tequila and your sugar syrup until your pitcher is full. Careful not to rub off your salty rim.

Set up a 'fairy corner'

Set up a cute teepee/fairy tent at the wedding for children to play in or for photo booth. Perfect for a wedding in garden party style / backyard.:

This is a concept I loved as a child, my parents set my sister and I a big pink teepee with stars up in the garden which we used to play in. Not only will this magical little corner keep kids entertained whilst the grown ups sips margaritas but you will also find the adult 'big kids' make use of it. In here, they can drink, chat and find a shady spot.

Dress like the French

Le Fashion Blog Parisian Style Low Bun Mirrored Round Sunglasses Striped Long Sleeve Shirt Cropped Cream Pants White Pointed Celine Flats Via Gary Pepper:
Le Fashion
Carolyn Murphy looks summer ready in Suno | DRESSR:

I would bet my lifesavings that you couldn't find me someone who does not think French women are chic. One thing they do a lot better than us Brits is flashing a little skin in Summer in a classy way. We do not want to see your bikini burn lines! Stripes, linen and a swooshy dress are all reminiscent of a Provencal Summer and can be easily copied. Think a little more Petit Bateau a little less Puma... 

Straight dress with stripes Petit Bateau x Wataru Tominaga
Petit Bateau

Use fresh ingredients to perfect your nibbles!


If you regularly follow along you will know how I love the Forest Feast- she is amazing! She literally upped and left her city life one day for the woodlands and now illustrates her own easy to follow earth to table recipes, think gorgonzola grapes, clementine cakes and peppered honey figs with goats cheese. Her book gatherings is absolutely ideal for Al Fresco. If you get a few olive wood boards you can lay out vegetables and homemade dips and appetisers (we recently bought beautiful ones in a market in Athens but easily source-able in most department stores). 

Garden Games

Ring Toss - White Bottles | Ring Toss Game | Wedding Game | Garden Game | Skittles Set | Vintage Game

I love going a little old school and I particularly love the idea of a traditional English garden party complete with games. LittleWishingWellCo on etsy sell the most gorgeous vintage style garden games for around £35, well worth the investment if you tend to do the hosting. They would also make a very sweet gift for the hostess. 

Get Lit

garden lighting ideas:

And by that I mean with candles or fairy lights.. I personally love the torches you can put up in your garden and any form of outdoor candle is also great for keeping the bugs at bay. You can buy some lovely ones below for just £7 for a 3 pack...