How to hygge

Scandi has now long been an ongoing trend, particularly in the interiors world, but a more recent side to this has been the discussion of the Danish word ‘hygge’- pronounced something like ‘hooga’. As the trend shows no sign of dwindling, we are not being encouraged to let it take over not only your home but also your state of mind. Let me guide you through it...

I guess, first thing’s first, what does it mean? Well it means something like cosying up but it is a lot more complex than that and incredibly difficult to dissect into English. To me, it brings to mind log fires and animal skins, a distinct smell of pine and that sharp difference between warmth from a fire and icy rattles. However, apparently Hygge is also for the summer and manifests itself in the form of picnics and lemonades with friends in the garden. Hygge encompasses the daily pleasures of living ‘cosily’: a cup of tea, candles, books in the sunshine, friends a family and fleecy blankets

How can we bring Hygge into our everyday lives? What Hygge really is, is taking a pause in our busy lives to make a dinner with your family, sitting with a cup of tea, lighting a candle or sinking into a really comfortable sofa. It is something that we all take pleasure from, yet struggle to find the time to do. The Danish must know what they are talking about because they are regularly voted the happiest people in the world. So this evening, pull on your woollen socks, light a candle, put on the kettle and take a minute of ‘hygge’.

These little purchases may help you along on your hygge journey.

Cashmere Socks, £32, Brora

Danish candle, £12

Giant chunky throw, £250, Wool Couture
Milk chocolate with dates and pink salt, £3.50



Ten top tiles to tilespire you... 

Seasonal Lust List

Working in magazines I’m never quite sure which month it is. Summer has only just flown past and here I am working on our December Christmas issue- not that I’m complaining! Working on a Christmas issue means I can start thinking about a time where you can jot down a list of wants and actually hand them in to be bought for you buy loved ones. So, happy Christmakkah and here is my wishlist! 

Click on the pictures to follow the links

Some beautiful blueberry hydrangeas from FLOWERBX

These Whistles side-striped trousers

These white crossover trainers

This faux-fur coat

A silk pillowcase

Sleep in rollers

Some good quality everyday leggings from Splendid

This Iris & Ink skirt

This Jigsaw blouse

A Diptyque candle in Mimosa

A beautiful knitted throw

This jacket

This Boden coatigan

This classic


How to dress for Bipolar weather

With the breath of windy autumn twirling our leaves and whooshing up our skirts, we have to reign in our seasonal affective disorder and make sensible wardrobe choices... Here to help!

Maxi skirts and leather jackets

A maxi skirt provides welcome blanket for your legs as well as letting the air in, in a way that cigarette pants do not. We can pull out trusty leather jackets back off their hangers and drape over our shoulders. Not only is this look practical but also the perfect chic pairing.

Light jackets

Rosie's airport outfits are pretty much my absolute favourite inspo for everything fashion-related. But, this silky thin coat is truly the best way to keep cool and warm simultaneously.

Jumpers and skirts

Autumn is definitely not a time to be afraid of bare legs, with golden tans left over from the remnants of Summer sunning. Mixing you short skirt with a jumper and some boots is great way to brace for sunny spells with icy winds. 


In general anything you can layer and remove/ put on is going to be the best way to resolve your feelings of dismay at bipolar Autumn weather. And look how chic layers can be!

Autumnal accesories

Note the sunglasses in each photo- accessories are important in Autumn. Not only do they 'style up' an outfit but they also transition from stuffed into a bag or tightly wrapped around us for warmth. Tan is the perfect colour to take you from sunny days to icy ones appropriately.


Autumn Update

This autumn update post means a number of things; I have finally crawled out of my summer mind-set primarily and you can expect regular weekly posts, I am ready to update you on my summer holiday and on the trends you can expect to see this autumn with a few tips and tricks a long the way.

As summer sinks into September, moments of clinking rosé glasses at a beach lunch, crashing waves onto sandy toes, sweaty dancing nights and balmy dinners of fresh seabass in Greece, huge creamy pink pomodoro pasta bowls in Italy and crowded mezze plates in Israel, all begin to fade into that little box we label as last Summer.

I read a quote the other day that cheered me up to no end- at least we can stop the summer diet that we never really got around to starting, but still felt guilty for! With pumpkin spice lattes back on the Starbucks menu and an innate desire to stuff myself with cinnamon buns I could not be happier to see the Summer salad phase coming to a close. So what better way to begin than with a little autumn warmer?

Mexican Hot Chocolate

40g chocolate (about 70%)
semi-skimmed milk
single cream
2 cinnamon sticks
chilli powder
brown sugar

Put a saucepan on the stove on a medium heat and measure with your mug you wish to use 3/4 semi-skimmed milk and the rest single cream

Add 40g good quality chocolate (about 70%), 1/2 tsp chilli powder, 2 cinnamon sticks, pinch of nutmeg and 1 tsp brown sugar and take off the heat, leave for 5 minutes

Whisk together and pour into your mug ready to enjoy!

Whilst on the topic of updates, my boyfriend has just completed on his new flat, which I started prepping for way back here. So you can look forward to that little project being documented as well as his housewarming party (La fiesta themed- complete with taco bar station).

In 3 weeks time, I will also be treating any readers still plodding along with my ramblings to 24 hours in Paris. I am visiting for my cousin’s party on a boat and having lived there I am looking forward to condensing it down to one day for my Paris-virgin boyfriend. Speaking of… Does anyone want to help me choose a dress option from below?

Happy hump day and happy to be back to posting!