The Weekly Happy Edit


Have you ever flicked through the Daily Mail app or switched on Sky news and thought oh my god when will they put on some good news?!

Well your wish is my command, you can now hop over here once a week for the weekly happy edit of the 5 things that you need to know that week.

1. Snow leopards are no longer endangered

Their classification has now been increased to vulnerable, whilst this is still sad the improvement is great news! If we keep up the good conservation work we should have these cute little kitties around for a long time.

2. A millionaire took in 70 kids displaced by Hurricane Irma

And in even better news for the kids the $30 million house boasts a game room with pool, air hockey and arcade games, and a Star Trek-themed home theatre.

3. Young boy saves 5 lives

8 year old Steffan of New Quay has rescued 5 stranded tourists via kayak in the space of two days- plus he's so cute! 

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