How to hygge

Scandi has now long been an ongoing trend, particularly in the interiors world, but a more recent side to this has been the discussion of the Danish word ‘hygge’- pronounced something like ‘hooga’. As the trend shows no sign of dwindling, we are not being encouraged to let it take over not only your home but also your state of mind. Let me guide you through it...

I guess, first thing’s first, what does it mean? Well it means something like cosying up but it is a lot more complex than that and incredibly difficult to dissect into English. To me, it brings to mind log fires and animal skins, a distinct smell of pine and that sharp difference between warmth from a fire and icy rattles. However, apparently Hygge is also for the summer and manifests itself in the form of picnics and lemonades with friends in the garden. Hygge encompasses the daily pleasures of living ‘cosily’: a cup of tea, candles, books in the sunshine, friends a family and fleecy blankets

How can we bring Hygge into our everyday lives? What Hygge really is, is taking a pause in our busy lives to make a dinner with your family, sitting with a cup of tea, lighting a candle or sinking into a really comfortable sofa. It is something that we all take pleasure from, yet struggle to find the time to do. The Danish must know what they are talking about because they are regularly voted the happiest people in the world. So this evening, pull on your woollen socks, light a candle, put on the kettle and take a minute of ‘hygge’.

These little purchases may help you along on your hygge journey.

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